Date Published: Thursday, January 24, 2019    
Posted By: Foundation Team

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 Well, first of all, Happy (belated) New Year. I hope the 2019 season is off to a great start for you all. The season for me began at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, won by Xander Schauffele. The undulations and hills around Kapalua used all their muscle on me, but I keep going. Being sidelined would come two weeks later. The week following the Sony Open in Hawaii, I ended up in Palm Springs for the Desert Classic. Had a great, fun time walking round one with Robert Streb. It had been raining all day. Apparently, rubber-tipped canes slick solid ground don't play well together. Around the clubhouse, sure enough, my cane hit a wet spot and down I started to go. Trying to break my fall, or even prevent it all together, I put my left hand out, but the pinky on my left hands (cane hand), it got snagged and sent remarkable pain throughout my body. To make a long story a little less long, I was seen by a number of doctors and specialists throughout the week. The biggest debate was weather or not the fractured finger would need surgery. I knew that if I went the surgery route, the whole healing process would take much longer than if I had taken another route. 

It wasn't until Wednesday of this week, still, in Plam springs, that I got in to see the final specialist who would agree that surgery was not necessary. So, now here I am at the Farmers Insurance Open...wrapped splint and all. Because of the nature of the injury, and it being on my "walking" hand, I'm unable to properly grip the cane. Without the cane, this kid don't walk. So, until the splint and wrap is removed, the Foundation will be called "Scootering for Kids." I'll have the cast for three weeks, before beginning physical therapy. The finger may never heal in proper shape, but better a pinky finger than an arm.

All kidding aside, the fall really shook me up, but it all turned out well...or will be. I was fortunate to have my mom walking with me. We have to give an extra special "Thank You" to all the friendly staff and volunteers at the Desert Classic. Everyone was so incredibly helpful. At one point after the injury, my mom said to me"It is pretty amazing to see how much all these people care about you." That really made me feel good.

So, that's the drama. I'll be with Charley Hoffman, but don't know if I'll be able to make it the entire way. I may have to take a few shortcuts this week. I won't start using a scooter until next week in Phoenix. I'll keep everyone updated as to my progress via social media and here. Until next time, I want to thank you all for taking the time to keep up with me and ready the stuff. As always, I hope to see you down the road sometime soon. 


Take good care, DJ 






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